Pedestal Guardrail


Are used to protect traffic from roadside obstacles or hazards, such as slopes steep enough to cause rollover crashes, fixed objects like bridge piers, and bodies of water. Thes barriers can also be used with medians, to prevent vehicles from colliding with hazards within the median. Further these are used by railways for securing railway line within the populated areas.

  • Applications :
    • As restraining barriers on embankments of Railway lines, Expressways & Highways.
    • As containment barriers on medians and grade separators of four/six lane roads.
    • As protection barriers/containment barriers for hilly terrains and ghat roads.
    • As race car crash guards on car racing tracks.
    • For interior traffic safety at Airports, Plants handling hazardous chemicals, Mines, Collieries, etc.
    • As fencing barriers for country border lines, expanse lands, water bodies, bridge piers, signposts, rocky areas etc.