Wires Rods



Wire rod is a hot rolled steel product classified by its shape. It is a rolled alloy or plain carbon steel product, produced from a semi finished product mainly billet. Its diameter ranges from 5.5 mm to 14 mm. Wire rod is wound into coils and transported in this form.


    • General purpose Wires, Industrial wires, Agriculture Wires, Bush Wires, Chain Rivet Wires, Detonator Wire, Umbrella Ribs, Upholstery Wires, Cycle Spokes, Healed Wires, Stapler Pin Wires, Needle Wires, Safety Pin Wires, Card Clothing Wires, Vineyard Wires, Earth wires etc.
    • For production of automobile components like Screws, Fasteners, Bush, Spline, Socket, Connecting Rod, Gear, Engine Shaft, Connecting Rod, Spindles.
    • Fasteners, Bolts, Rivets, Screws for general applications;
    • Electrode Wires;
    • CAQ, ACSR Wires;
    • Tyre and Hose Reinforcement Wires;
    • Pre-stressed Concrete Wire;
    • Coil Springs;
    • Wire Ropes;
    • Ball Bearing Balls.

Sizes : 

  • 05.02 mm – 08.05 mm
  • 09.00 mm – 14.00 mm
  • 14.05 mm – 22.00 mm